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Verlaine's Education

Verlaine received a bachelor’s degree in human clinical nutrition from Holy Spirit University USEK in 2006 then did an internship at St George’s University Hospital. She got registered as a clinical dietitian in 2007. In 2010, Verlaine earned her Master’s degree in clinical nutrition from USEK. She has been very active on social media, radio, and TV shows for over ten years.

Verlaine's Bio

Verlaine’s mission is to educate and empower clients to positively impact their lives with healthy behaviors that help them reach their life goals.

Her bright outlook continuously meets the client’s specific individual needs.

Verlaine’s motto is: A healthier life, is always a happier one!

Her philosophy about health is that each body needs suitable nutrition that feeds the cells and reduces the risk of diseases.

“There is no doubt that we find the balance our body, mind, and soul need between a healthy lifestyle and stressless habits.”

As a matter of fact, Verlaine’s Master’s degree and 15 years of experience gave her all the needed skills to help individuals from all age groups reach their target weight, by adopting healthy habits and following their particular conditions.

Indeed, Verlaine believes in the importance of a wellness mindset for a balanced life. Thus, she aims for health and wellness awareness in societies. She has been spreading it through weekly radio shows, TV interviews, school conferences, and workshops for individuals and corporations.

Verlaine was recently interviewed by Al Arabiya TV and Hiya Magazine, which allowed her to reach Gulf audiences. Since then, she has conducted webinars with the Nasco UAE office and wrote articles for their monthly customer newsletters.

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